Serving New York’s Capital District
Scooping Since 2003!

Serving New York’s Capital District
Scooping Since 2003!

Serving New York’s Capital District
Scooping Since 2003!

About the Delmar Dog Butler

Dog Waste Removal | Serving the Greater Capital Region

We Scoop Your Backyard Clean Guaranteed! We have been serving New York State’s capital district since 2003. We handle the nasty chore of cleaning up after your beloved pooch. Not long after debuting our services, the local media latched onto our story. We have been featured in several local media outlets, bad puns and all.

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Delmar Dog Butler Testimonials

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“Steve from delmar dog butler was great, I did a spring clean up and it was not a little job and when I tell you he did a great job you couldn’t even tell I had dogs from the way my pen looked not once piece of anything was left. I was very satisfied and will be doing biweekly services for clean ups! I definitely recommend!”

Alyssa Bobbitt, 5 Star Google Review

“We originally contacted Delmar Dog Butler about a spring cleanup. I have two Great Danes, it was not a small job. We were so impressed by the job he did, we decided to continue with the service through the summer and I have nothing but great things to say.

His cleanup is well done every week. If I need to contact him, he’s always very responsive. The price is very reasonable, and he will go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied.

If you’re considering it, just give this service a try for a month or so, and I would be willing to bet you’ll never go back.”

Marc Couitt, 5 Star Google Review

“Did a great job picking up the after winter mess! The price was fair, $70, but it was a lot of work and not just a 10 minute job. Weekly follow up is $15, and I anticipate being very happy with the service this summer if the thoroughness shown today continues.”

Christine O, 5 Star Google Review

“I love this service. They are very professional, and do a great job. I’m very happy with the service they provide… I would recommend them highly.”

Cindy Garrison, 5 Star Google Review

“I called Delmar Dog Butler for a spring cleaning yard service to clean my doggy waste. They came out the same day I contacted them in an area they do not usually service as I had an urgent need. They were incredibly professional with impeccable customer service and response time and the results were incredible! I highly recommend them for any of your dog waste removal needs!!!”

Renee Jones, 5 Star Google Review

“I contacted Delmar Dog Butler on a Thursday and they were able to fit me in the following Monday morning! Quote and service done at the same time – very good and fair prices. Steve and Chris are just really nice and respectful. They had to go through my basement to get to the backyard and they were more concerned about dirtying my floors than I was (though I prepared!). Punctual, thorough, professional, personable – they’re amazing!
If you, like me, have not cleaned your backyard from your furbabies’ potty in a while and need a little boost to keep going – def contact Steve and Chris at Delmar Dog Butler Poop Scooping!!”

Charlene Cordero, 5 Star Google Review

“I saw Steve’s truck in my neighborhood and called him to get a quote. He was at my house within 5 minutes and did a clean up that day! They did an excellent job at a really fair price!! Highly recommend!!”

Steph Nicoll, 5 Star Google Review

“Did a fantastic job cleaning up our yard after a long winter. With two kids under the of 4, I am thrilled that I don’t need to worry about doing a big clean-up myself. Called Steve on Friday and the job was done the following Wednesday and I felt he gave me a really reasonable price. Unfortunately, he doesn’t service Westerlo for regular clean-ups, otherwise I would sign up!!”

Stacy Wennstrom, 5 Star Google Review

“Truly appreciate the service they provide. Response to my inquiry was prompt and courteous. They were able to come to my large project quickly and did an amazing job. Communication was great and the price even better. You won’t be disappointed! Take back your time and just enjoy your yard.”

Bri Morrow, 5 Star Google Review

“Steve & Chris are incredibly nice and seriously amazing. Steve returned my inquiry promptly and came to my house to provide a quote the following weekend. He & Chris ended up doing the service right then and there! Amazing service.

We let the yard go during the long winter and our pup is a “walking pooper”, so it was everywhere! I HIGHLY recommend Steve & the Delmar Dog Butler for any needs you may have (one-time pick up or regular). Thank you so, so much!!”

Jenna Burns, 5 Star Google Review

“We have 2 larger dogs and have been using The Delmar Dog Butlers for the past 7 years. Steve and his team are outstanding. Punctual, efficient and a pleasure to work with. We have them come weekly and it makes enjoying our yard so much better. They even take the blessings that your dog left in your yard with them!”

Matt Moore, 5 Star Google Review